Stay Fit With BERRIBON

Stay Fit With BERRIBON

Living in a stress-filled society, basically 90% of a person's time is devoted to work and to his family. You don't even have time to spend for yourself. The moment when you look at yourself in the mirror, you often find that you have bruised yourself all over. Looking at the huge bucket waist, belly, double chin without squeezing...is this still the original you?

You understand your current situation is due to unbalanced and irregular eating habits. Consequently, it caused some other problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood fat, diabetes, etc. To improve this situation, you know that you should have a healthy diet to reduce fat, but you just don't have time.

With the development of science & technology, "don't have time" will no longer be a factor that prevents you from achieving your goals.


Taking a Berribon 【 Botanical Slimming Candy 】 will keep you stay away from fat while busy!

It is a fat-burning candy made with 5 kinds of antioxidant berries & 11 kinds of natural ingredients through professional technology. Throughout the manufacturing process, the all the ingredients is carefully selected.

5 kinds of antioxidant berries are...

Strawberry: Exceptionally high in vitamin C & manganese, effectively cures metabolic syndrome, strengthens immune system

Blueberry: High content of anthocyanin which protects cells from free radical damage, best eye-protecting fruit in the world, boosts brain health, fat blocker

Blackberry: Labelled as super fruits, full of vitamin C & K (essential for bone health) & manganese, promotes brain health, improves memory from aging, good for skin care, renew skin layers

Raspberry: Contains vitamin A & ketones (a compound to speed up the metabolism & increase the breakdown of fat), high in concentration of ellagic acid (prevent the growth of tumor-causing cells), reduces inflammation

Cranberry: Great sources of vitamin C, E & K, manganese, and copper, reduces the risk of urinary tract and stomach infections, helps support oral health, promotes weight loss

Main Natural Ingredients

Roselle Extracts: is well-known as the ‘Ruby of The Plant Kingdom’. With a reputation for its nutritional and medicinal properties in protein, vitamin C and minerals. Roselle is beneficial for aiding better digestion, reducing fat, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, protecting the liver, smoothing the blood, lowering blood fat, clearing blood vessels as well as effectively preventing and treating cardiovascular diseases. Furthermore, it has the effect of nourishing blood for women

Garcinia Cambogia: is a fruit-derived extracts that contains a component called hydroxy citric acid (HCA), which may inhibit the production of new fats in the body. It has an excellent weight loss effect and helps suppress appetite

Fructo-Oligo-Saccharides: are used as an alternative sweeteners for they carry fewer calories than sugar. Besides, it can promote the growth of probiotics in the intestinal tract to maintain intestinal health, enhance immunity and promote the absorption of calcium, magnesium, iron, and other minerals

White Kidney Beans: are known as "starch blockers" with particularly high nutritional value as they contain a major source of protein (α-amylase blockers), which can inhibit the digestion of complex carbohydrates. In addition, it also helps to regulate the rise in blood sugar and insulin after meals, and relieves inflammation, which is very beneficial for improving physical health

L-Carnitine: is an amino acid produced in the body. As a mild appetite suppressant, it can effectively convert fat into energy, improve heart and liver health, stabilize blood sugar, and stimulate the loss of fat through regular exercise to achieve a healthy and perfect body shape


12 functions in this candy

🔥 Burn fat

🔥 Block oil absorption

🔥 Control calories

🔥 Slimming and shaping

🔥 Help digestion

🔥 Maintain a healthy weight

🔥 Speed up metabolism

🔥 Improve physical fitness

🔥 Enhance immunity

🔥 Provide satiety

🔥 Suppress appetite

🔥 Maintain intestinal health

People who are in these categories, let Berribon 【 Botanical Slimming Candy 】 regain your confident

✅ People with obesity problems

✅ Foodie

✅ Postpartum women

✅ Office workers with irregular diet

✅ People who don’t have time to exercise

✅ People who pay attention to personal health


Berribon 【 Botanical Slimming Candy 】 has been recognized by few institutions:

💯MeSTI [Food Safety and Quality Division Ministry of Health Malaysia]

💯Standard Global Services SGS

💯Halal Testing and Verification Excellent Centre HALVEC HALAL

💯Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre STC


Essential slimming product for lazy people!

To cater to this fast and convenient era, Berribon 【 Botanical Slimming Candy 】 is made in independent packaging so when you are in a hurry, you just must throw a few into your bag. After that, just take one before each meal.


The product is great, but I have some questions...

How many capsules can I take in a day?

Take 2 capsules daily for the first 15 days. After that, take one capsule daily.

Do I need to drink more water?

It is recommended to drink at least 2-3 warm water every day for better results.

Will it rebound after I stop taking it?

Berribon is made of 100% natural ingredients, so it has absolutely no side effects and 0 rebound.

Feedback from customers  

Fat Burning, Prevent Oil Absorption, Controlling Calorie Intake, Slimming Beauty

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