Replace Your Fatty By SIREO

Replace Your Fatty By SIREO

Most of the people doubt that a "meal replacement" can really lose weight? Drinking a glass of smoothies can really work for healthy weight loss?

First, you need to know what the real meaning of weight loss is. Slimming is a "calorie game". Meal replacement can only provide you satiety and all the nutrients while consuming fewer calories, which is better than the traditional diets. So, don't think of meal replacement as a weight loss pill because it is not. Only eating meal replacement cannot make you to lose weight but incorporate it into your diet plan will do. If you eat MAMAK for 3 meals a day, the meal replacement powder can effectively reduce your total calorie intake after replacing a certain meal, so can achieve the weight loss. However, if you have a balanced nutrition, the calorie intake will basically not differ too much when you replace the regular meal with meal replacement powder. Therefore, process of losing weight will be slower.

In short, meal replacements are designed for those who wants to lose weight healthily but cannot control their calories intake.


If you don't your diet, it's often to get...




💔High cholesterol


💔Hepatic steatosis & dyslipidemia

To improve the problem, you must maintain your total intake!

It looks simply but is hard for everyone to persevere especially people who work as an officer worker, people who have irregular meals & foodie. This is the reason why meal replacements appear on the market. You just must brew a cup of meal replacement to replace your meal of the day no matter where you are, it will provide you all the nutrients and ensure that you will not consume too many calories at the same time.



Healthy is the new skinny! There is nothing to say if without health. To kick start a healthy day for everyone, SIREO incorporates 🍃45 kinds of natural multigrain to ensure that everyone gets enough dietary fiber, vitamin V complex, vitamin E, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and other nutrients.

It is also rich in 4 major proteins

Pea Protein: Source of quality protein without estrogen. Effective in lowering appetites, increase satiety and muscle mass. It also has rich vitamin E that can further boost metabolism, digestion, and skin care effect

Isolated Soy Protein: Contains all 20 essential amino acids, the best plant-based protein exists. It has no cholesterol but rich in plant-based estrogen. Not only it brings satiety and reduce cholesterol, but also regulates blood sugar, improves indigestion, enhances the immune system, accelerates fat conversion, and recovers muscle fatigue and soreness

Soy Lecithin: Enhance fat decomposition and blood circulation, improve serum lipid profile, relieve female menopausal symptoms, and reduce blood cholesterol

Whey Protein: The kind of proteins, natural protein extract from quality milk. Whey protein contains the highest nutritional value and absorption rate among proteins. It is effective in blood sugar management, reduce blood lipid, control appetite, and provides satiety. It is safe to consume for people with lactose intolerance.

Do you think SIREO has only these? It is also rich in 20 multi-vitamins and minerals! Quickly let you replenish vitamins A, C, D, E and B, as well as rich microminerals such as iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, and iodine.

You will get the 3 most important elements in your weight loss journey by taking SIREO

👍 Balanced carbohydrates

👍 Balanced protein

👍 Balanced fiber


ill you be full after taking SIREO?

A pack of 30G, do you think it is enough? Most of the meal replacements on the market are 20-25G only. We want you to feel full after taking it.

Also, you will not feel boring, because SIREO 【 SUPER SATIETY NUTRITIOUSLY BALANCE 】 has 2 flavors, which are vanilla pandan & chocolate.

Moreover, it can be creative DIY preparation!

🤤Mix with Milk or Honey

🤤Mix with Berries and Nuts

🤤Bake with Cakes or Cookies


10 major functions

1️⃣ Burn Fat

2️⃣<120kcal, provide 6 hours of satiety

3️⃣ Reduce oil absorption

4️⃣ Promote metabolism

5️⃣ Improve physical fitness

6️⃣Strengthen the immune system

7️⃣ Slimming & shaping

8️⃣Maintain a standard weight

9️⃣ Suppress appetite

🔟Maintain intestinal health

Everyone is suitable to this product, especially…

🔥 Obesity

🔥 Foodie

🔥 Office Worker

🔥 Student

🔥 Postpartum women

🔥 Middle-aged

🔥 Elderly

🔥 Fitness lovers

🔥People who want to maintain intestinal health


SIREO 【 SUPER SATIETY NUTRITIOUSLY BALANCE 】has been recognized by few institutions:

💯MeSTI [Food Safety and Quality Division Ministry of Health Malaysia]

💯Standard Global Services SGS

💯Halal Testing and Verification Excellent Centre HALVEC HALAL

💯Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre STC

A SIREO a day, stay healthy always

To cater to this fast and convenient era, SIREO 【 SUPER SATIETY NUTRITIOUSLY BALANCE 】 is made in ✅independent packaging so when you are in a hurry, you just must throw a pack into your bag. Of course, the process of preparing SIREO is not cumbersome, just ✅pour the powder into the cup,add 150-250ml of boiling water, ✅shake evenly & drink.


The product is great, but I have some questions...

Use cold/hot water when brewing?

Remember not to use hot water, because overheated boiling water will destroy the nutrients and minerals of the ingredients.

How many packs to drink a day?

It is recommended that one pack a day is sufficient, and it is recommended to use it to replace the highest calorie meal of the day.

Feedback from customers  

1.Burn Fat


2.Slim & Shape


3.Lift Loose Muscle


4.Effect after one week

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Let's listen to our customers' experience of using the product 

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