Detox Diet With LEMONMATE

Detox Diet With LEMONMATE

The health of the intestines is closely related to the human body. It not only undertakes the digestion and absorption of the human body, but also protects the immune function of the human body and resists the invasion of various diseases.

However, the pollution of the atmosphere, rivers, oceans, vegetables & fruits nowadays caused our body's detoxification system can no longer expel the toxins accumulated everyday properly. Especially for people with constipation cannot reduce the burden on the body through defecation.


Because of the imbalance of the intestinal flora, the body and skin start to occur problems...


😥Frequent constipation

😥Dark yellow skin


😥Acne & spots

😥Tired easily

To improve the problem, we must excrete toxins from our body!

Everyone can have a regular schedule by adjusting a healthy diet. However, this process would be slow and take time. Our body system cannot bear it. So, another way to speed up the clearing process is to consume PROBIOTICS!


Lemonmate2.0 【 Probiotic Lemon Detox Drink 】, which has explosive sales in HONG KONG is your choice!

It contains 23 kinds of natural ingredients, including the main 5 kinds of probiotics & 3 kinds of stem cells

5 types of probiotics are...

❣️ Streptococcus Thermophilus: Stop harmful pathogens from binding to intestinal cells and making their way into the body. Reduce frequency of colic and intestinal irritability, and improve immune health

❣️ Lactobacillus Casei: Prevent or treat diarrhea. This includes infections diarrhea, traveler's diarrhea, and antibiotic-associated diarrhea. Improve immune health and boost intestinal peristalsis

❣️ Lactobacillus Acidophilus: Help to reduce cholesterol levels and to treat acute diarrhea. Improve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and help you to lose weight. Prevent the symptoms of some allergies and eczema

❣️ Bifidobacterium Longum: Help lower symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Improve immunity by recruiting white blood cells to fight off an infection and inflammation

❣️ Lactobacillus Bulgaricus: Play a role in managing the following health conditions such as liver disease, constipation, common cold, colic, tooth decay etc. Improve immune system and help to reduce cholesterol levels

3 types of stem cells are...

Apple Stem Cell: Increase in your skin stem cell vitality & longevity, activate your skin stem cell regeneration, repair damaged tissues & organs, combat chronological & genetic aging & deep wrinkle, reduce 3 high symptoms

Grape Stem Cell: Stabilize collagen, maintain elastin & reduce swelling, act as an anti-inflammatory & antioxidant, eliminate dark spots & repair skin damaged skin barrier

Argan Stem Cell: Reduce wrinkle, tighten & tone skin tissue, increase skin firmness & density, deep-seated rejuvenation of the skin


Two latest technologies incorporated into Lemonmate2.0 【 Probiotic Lemon Detox Drink 】

🔥 Particle Size Distribution (PSD): Increasing the dissolution rate. As the smaller and finer the particles, the weaker the dissolution barrier, and ultimately increasing the dissolution rate. Improving the delivery of active ingredients, and make them easier to penetrate the blood barrier

🔥 Encapsulation: Add a protective layer around the probiotics. When probiotics contact with stomach acid, the protective layer will automatically fall off, and probiotics will be rejuvenated. It can better retain the activity of probiotics, and greatly improve the survival rate of probiotics in the body. In the end, the absorption rate of probiotics is up to 3 times higher than the ordinary probiotics.

80 in 1 function in a pack

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Who are suitable to this natural and refreshing lemon-flavored probiotic drink?

✅ 3 high patients

✅ Diabetes patients

✅ Cholesterol patients

✅ All ages and genders

✅ Pregnant/breastfeeding mothers

Supplementing the body with beneficial bacteria in time is the solution to the promotion of detoxification function!


There are many detox drinks on the market, but you must be careful about some detox products that are not certified because they often contain laxative ingredients. Although laxatives can make you excrete quickly, it is harmful to human health in the long-term.

Therefore, we insist on using natural ingredients to create Lemonmate2.0 【 Probiotic Lemon Detox Drink 】, and it is certified...

💯MeSTI [Food Safety and Quality Division Ministry of Health Malaysia]

💯Standard Global Services SGS

💯Halal Testing and Verification Excellent Centre HALVEC HALAL

💯Hong Kong Standards and Testing Centre STC


Essential detox product for lazy people!

You can take Lemonmate2.0 【 Probiotic Lemon Detox Drink 】 in two ways

1️⃣ : Pour the powder directly into the mouth after unpacking the packer

2️⃣ : Add 150-250ml of water, pour the powder into the water, shake evenly


The product is great, but I have some questions...

Can it be taken with other detox products?

No, it is recommended to use only one detox drink.

Can I take it during menstruation?

Stop taking it for the first 3 days of your menstrual period.

Should I use cold water or hot water for brewing?

It is forbidden to use warm water or hot water for brewing, as this will destroy the activity and fiber components.

When is the best time to take the detox drink?

It is recommended to take it before going to bed.

Feedback from customers  

1.Improve constipation and flatten abdomen



2.Promote metabolism and solve the problem of overweight problem



3.Promote blood circulation


Take a look at the experience of our Hong Kong customers  




Let's listen to our customers' experience of using the product  

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